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Junghaus is an architecture practice founded by Regina Kraus and based in Lawrence, Kansas. The work of Junghaus focuses on the home, seeking to elevate everyday surroundings with vigor, imagination, and beauty.

Kraus' practice is informed by educational and professional experience in New York, Lawrence, Marfa, and Helsinki. She is a licensed architect (Missouri license number 2009027275) and as a LEED bd+c -accredited professional is committed to sustainability in the built environment.

What is Junghaus, anyway? I come from a family of German textile weavers named Junghans. When you flip that final "n" in Junghans, the name is changed to Junghaus - young house. You know the old saying about how youth is a state of mind, right? Well, couldn't it apply to our dwelling places, too? Whether building a new home from the ground up or renovating an old one, any house can be a young house, a vital and relevant home.

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