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Critical Globalism

Critical Globalism

Globalization presents an opportunity to share cultures, connect to the global dialogue, and increase the knowledge of mankind. However, globalization taken to an extreme can result in the stifling of unique perspectives, diluting of culture, abandoning of local communities, and a general loss of self. Critical Globalism is a way of balancing the global with the local, embracing world culture while nourishing individual heritage, connecting with the planet without overlooking the intimacy of the neighborhood. In an age of standardization, critical globalism is increasingly important. After all, it is our differences that make globalization so compelling. It was important in the course of this design to address the following issues;


(1) Balance local and global by creating a parti with two distinct parts connected by a bridge.

▪ The Home – a connection to the local

▪ The Tower – a connection to the global

▪ The Bridge – a link/separation, both physically and psychologically


(2) Reverse the misconception in North America that quantity is more important than quality by reducing size.

▪ Quality – allow for better materials and craft

▪ Resources – reduce energy and material waste

▪ Density – combat urban sprawl


(3) Reinterpret unquestioned standards.

▪ Identity – provide an anchor in an age of standardization and mass production

▪ Relevance – abandon preconceptions in favor of present day needs

▪ Self-sufficiency – embrace local resources

designed in collaboration with Chad Kraus

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