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Old West Lawrence
Inventive Intervention

Through inventive intervention on all three floors of this 1915 Old West Lawrence home, the old house was updated to meet the needs of an active 21st century family. The renovation includes a strategically relocated stairway connecting the main floor to the basement, hard-working pantry cabinet, bonus basement half bath tucked under the stair, and new layout of the upstairs kids' rooms that provides equal room sizes and improved storage.


A "mini mudroom" storage wall, shelves and drawers are tucked alongside the pantry cabinet for bags, coats, and a charging station. The resulting main floor is defined by two areas: an "active zone" made up of the existing entryway and kitchen plus the new storage and stairway along one side of the floor, and a "restful zone" that consists of living, dining, and study functions grouped along the other side of the plan. Restful spaces were once criss-crossed by active functions (crossing the living area to hang up coats, passing through the study to get to the pantry from the kitchen). The needs of this project opened up the opportunity for definition, improving even the use of spaces outside of the renovation's boundaries.

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